Cent Ans de la Plus Grande Course du Monde

Tour de France

We offer a gallery of images, drawn from lesser-known corners of Tours past . . . . which, at the rate of one picture equaling 1,457 words (adjusted for inflation), should easily meet the day’s quota.

— Gard Hartmann

Gable rode hard for seven hours but never realized . . . .

Many Hollywood starlets had to chauffeur this dog, who claimed to be Jacques Anquetil.

‘The Cannibal’ Eddy Merckx digests after eating another competitor.

Bad crash in the peloton . . .

. . . sending Pee Wee Herman skyward

Michael Caine stealing my bike . . . I was 11.

The ghost of Eleanor Roosevelt haunts many mountain stages. OK, it’s not Eleanor Roosevelt.

Bogie answering a Bacall of nature, 1947 stage to Fez

Alfred Hitchcock lost precious seconds in 1952 time trial by refusing to shave his legs and wear spandex . . . and we thank him.